Hey! So Glad You're Here.

It feels like just yesterday I, too, was surfing the net looking for the best way to take control of my finances. I've read books authored by top financial personalities, economists, and financial institutions. I have also undergone Ramsey Solutions 'Financial Coach Masters Training'. Within 16 months I paid off $72,000 and vowed to work with anyone looking to take back control of their money. 

So what got me here?

After 8 years serving in the United States Army with the 75th Ranger Regiment I found myself in the medical retirement pipeline. Wondering what to do next, I decided to eliminate my debt and make a difference in my community. 

I sold everything I owned and moved into a Ram Promaster 3500 cargo van. Within 12 months I created a nonprofit by the name of Do More Gooder, INC.. Feeling called to help people increase financial literacy I founded TWENTY2SEVEN Financial Coaching, in 2019. I also study Entrepreneurship and Finance and hold a Bachelors degree in Interpersonal & Relational Communication.  

Today, I continue to study and research personal finance. I enjoy hanging out with my fiancé and our two pups. 

I look forward to getting to know you and hope you will take some time to say hello. 

Let Me Know How I Can Help, or Just Say Hey!